An epic fantasy that stars newcomer Elliot Knight in the title role, alongside Naveen Andrews (Lost), Orla Brady (Mistresses. Strike Back), Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda) and Timothy Spall (Secrets and Lies, Harry Potter). The 12-part series opens with Sinbad banished from his homeland of Basra and cast out to sea on The Providence following the death of his much-loved brother. Now Sinbad must embark on an epic quest to rid himself of the curse placed on him by his own grandmother (Janet Suzman), and embrace his new destiny. Sinbad accidentally kills the son of the powerful Lord Akbari in a fist fight. As recompense for the blood debt, Sinbad's brother is killed in front of his eyes. Sinbad escapes, but his grandmother uses a magic talisman to curse him for the death of his brother. The curse prevents Sinbad from staying on land for more than one day; if he tarries the talisman will choke him to death. This prohibition against remaining on land leads to a life of adventure at sea that holds many wonders. Sinbad is unaware that he is still being hunted by Lord Akbari, who does not consider Sinbad's brother's death as sufficient payment of the blood debt.
Premiere Date: July 8, 2012
Casts: Junix Inocian, Shane Leonidas, Elliot Knight, Marama Corlett, Elliot Cowan, Orla Brady, Tuppence Middleton, Naveen Andrews, Estella Daniels, Yigal Naor, Janet Suzman
Air Time: 7pm
Country: GB
Air Day: Sunday

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