Kamikaze follows Julie, a fierce and hypnotically charming 18-year-old main character as she goes through an existential struggle back to life after losing everything.The story begins shortly after her 18th birthday, when Julie receives a final text message from her father. Seconds later, her parents and big brother are killed in a plane crash in Uganda. She is left alone in a giant mansion, and on the face of it has everything others only dream of: youth, beauty and money – lots of money. As the loss of her family sinks in, she is forced to find a reason to keep going and embarks on a dangerous journey of rediscovery that will take her from her native Denmark to all corners of the world. Fierce and charming 18-year-old Julie is on a journey of rediscovery after losing her parents and brother in a plane crash. Suddenly, she finds herself alone in a large mansion with expensive cars in the garage, and, in theory, everything that most people only dream of: youth, beauty and money – lots of money - but material possessions hold no value to Julie anymore and she is forced to search for a reason to go on. She embarks on a wild and turbulent trip that takes her from her native Denmark to the far corners of the world.
Premiere Date: November 14, 2021
Casts: Marie Reuther, Charlotte Munck, Johan Rheborg, Mads Reuther, Aleksandr Kuznetsov , Carla Philip Røder , Vidhi Kastebo, Casper Kjær Jensen, Anders Matthesen
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: US
Air Day:

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