Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

8 celebrities take part in a 12-day survival mission with Bear Grylls and to stay alive they have to learn to navigate difficult terrain, build shelter, make fire and eat food that nature provides. At the end of each show one of them is eliminated from the competition until the final three battle it out to be crowned the series champion. Emilia Fox, Laurence Fox, Max George, Kelly Holmes, Jamelia, Tom Rosenthal, Vogue Williams and Mike Tindall are the celebrities taking part. Eight celebrities embark on a 12-day expedition in the rainforest of Costa Rica, where they must learn to navigate difficult terrain, build shelters, make fire and eat the food that nature provides. From abseiling down ferocious waterfalls to crossing perilous rapids, the stars face a range of challenges and Bear himself eliminates one of them each week, leaving three in the final.
Premiere Date: February 20, 2015
Casts: Bear Grylls
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Country: GB
Air Day: Friday

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Bear Grylls | Mission Survive | ITV

Bear Grylls | Mission Survive | ITV

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