500 Questions

500 Questions

“500 Questions”, which marks the first big network reality series order for Warner Bros. TV since Darnell joined the studio in summer 2013, is described as a “genius game show.” The producers are not giving out many details but the show will be testing contestants’ knowledge with a series of questions, with those who are winning being able to move from one episode to the next until they answer correctly all 500 questions. “I love this show,” Burnett said. “It is the first network game show to combine what audiences love about serialized unscripted hits with a huge game show event. It has ongoing characters and huge stakes.” (Source: Deadline.com) Prepare for an all-new game show event where the smartest people in the country try to achieve the seemingly impossible task of answering 500 of the most difficult general knowledge questions ever devised. There’s only one simple rule: never get three wrong in a row—or you’re gone. No saves, no helps, no multiple choice, 500 Questions will keep you on the edge of your seat to see if any of these geniuses can do it.
Premiere Date: May 20, 2015
Air Time: 8:00 PM
Country: US
Air Day: Daily

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