Investigation Discovery presents the modern-day Clarice Starling as Dr. Michelle Ward goes behind bars to interview violent murderers and offer insight into what drives people to kill with the new series The Mind of a Murderer premiering Thursday, February 19 at 10/9c. From her early doctorate research on psychopathy, to her ongoing study of criminal behavior, Dr. Ward possesses a unique ability to push murderers to the limit, getting them to admit things they wouldn't confess to anyone else. She is trained to go beyond excuses and get to the psychological core of why people commit heinous acts - and she does it alone in a room, face-to-face with coldblooded killers.

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Premiere Date: Feb/19/2015

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Most Recent Episodes

The Mind of a Murderer season 2 episode 5

Season 2, Episode 5: Killer Voices

Dr. Michelle Ward sits down with Gene Meredith who stabbed a stranger to death while suffering from schizophrenic hallucinations to find out whether Meredith can tell right from wrong. ...

Air Date: Oct 24, 2016

The Mind of a Murderer season 2 episode 6

Season 2, Episode 6: Bad Blood

On a drug-fueled road trip, 16-year-old Rod Ferrell bludgeons a couple to death in their home; now, Dr. Michelle Ward meets Ferrell face to face to determine why he committed such a vicious crime....

Air Date: Oct 31, 2016

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