Set in the contemporary storybook world of Jollywood, The 7D follows Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy and Doc as they work together to maintain order in the kingdom. Standing in their way are Grim and Hildy Gloom, a novice warlock and witch couple, who haplessly plot to dethrone the Queen and take over Jollywood. Produced by Disney Television Animation, the zany and broadly appealing series will be presented on three Disney TV platforms: Disney XD, Disney Channel and Disney Junior. Situated deep within the Enchanted Forest, the whimsical village of Jollywood is where the 7D live and tend to their jewel mine. When summoned by The Bing Bong Bell, a magical bell that descends from the sky when Queen Delightful wishes to call upon the 7D, the brave little heroes rush to their fair ruler's side. Whether it be saving the village from a terrorizing giant or uncovering the Queen's missing Magic Mirror, the 7D find a way to accomplish each task much to the chagrin of Lord Starchbottom, the Queen's loyal aide who would prefer to handle any and all crises on his own. Behind most of the haphazard schemes are the series' comically inept villains, Grim and Hildy Gloom, whose plots to overthrow the queen and rule Jollywood are continually foiled by the 7D. Despite their thwarted efforts, The Glooms' remain determined and retreat to their evil lair to conjure up their next devious ploy and try another day.

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Premiere Date: Jul/07/2014

Genre: Children Cartoons, Children, Comedy, Family

Most Recent Episodes

The 7D season 2 episode 19

Season 2, Episode 19: Once in a Purple Moon | Water Ya Doin', Dopey?

Once in a Purple Moon - When a rare moon event causes Happy and Grumpy to turn into something awful, they try to hide from the others.Water Ya Doin', Dopey? - After Hildy botches her new aging spell and turns herself and the Queen into old ladie...

Air Date: Oct 29, 2016

The 7D season 2 episode 20

Season 2, Episode 20: A Royal Pain in the Castle | A Sneeze in Time

A Royal Pain in the Castle - When Grumpy becomes substitute King For A Day, he accidently offends the Gnome King.A Sneeze in Time - Sneezy accidentally sneezes the 7D a week into the future. ...

Air Date: Nov 05, 2016

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