Each episode will pair DJ Pauly D or Vinny with a subject of a viral internet prank who is seeking payback on the friend, family member or loved one who originally embarrassed them. With help from DJ Pauly D and Vinny, the pairs will attempt to pull off some of the most over-the-top pranks yet in order to get the ultimate revenge.

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Premiere Date: Jun/25/2020

Genre: Comedy

Most Recent Episodes

Revenge Prank season 1 episode 11

Season 1, Episode 11: The Prank from The Other Side

To scare away her mom's embarrassing online alter ego, Rita enlists Vinny's help to stage a fake psychic reading....

Air Date: Aug 06, 2020

Revenge Prank season 1 episode 12

Season 1, Episode 12: The Prank with a Bang

Pauly D's prank partner, Justina Valentine, helps mom Tonya get revenge on her daughter Kharisma by tricking her into thinking she got her the new car of her dreams....

Air Date: Aug 13, 2020

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