His sister was killed in a freak "accident", for which he was blamed. While trying to find what actually happened, Alex Guzmán will uncover the darkest secrets of the Lazcano family, stopping at nothing until everyone is held accountable.

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Premiere Date: Mar/24/2021

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery

Most Recent Episodes

¿Quién mató a Sara? season 1 episode 10

Season 1, Episode 10: Dos tumbas

Flashbacks unravel that fateful day in 2001. Although Sara's diary seems to hold the key to her murder, a secret hidden in a wall tells another story....

Air Date: Mar 24, 2021

¿Quién mató a Sara? season 2 episode 1

Season 2, Episode 1: Episode 1

Summary for this episode is not yet available....

Air Date: May 19, 2021

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