Merlin, an exciting fantasy series, takes viewers inside the world of Camelot but in a 21st century manner. Before Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur (Bradley James) were legends, they were young men hungry for adventure. In search of love and their own true destinies, the duo make their share of mistakes along the way.

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Premiere Date: Sep/20/2008

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance, Dating

Most Recent Episodes

Merlin (2008) season 5 episode 12

Season 5, Episode 12: The Diamond of the Day: Part One

High up in the hills, a great horde gathers as Morgana gets ready for war with a vengeful Mordred. Merlin begins to feel the weight of his destiny like never before as the ancient prophecies play out with shocking accuracy. ...

Air Date: Dec 22, 2012

Merlin (2008) season 5 episode 13

Season 5, Episode 13: The Diamond of the Day: Part Two

It looks like the Prophets did not lie. As the battle continues to rage on Camlann's plain, Merlin has to face his moment of destiny....

Air Date: Dec 24, 2012

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