The new series, Marvel's Spider-Man tells the story of an unsure (but courageous) teen who has to figure out how to be a Super Hero from the very beginning.

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Premiere Date: Aug/19/2017

Genre: Drama, Action, Science-Fiction

Most Recent Episodes

Marvel's Spider-Man season 3 episode 5

Season 3, Episode 5: Generations

When Spider-Man discovers a vial of jackal serum at Horizon High, he and Ghost-Spider track down Jackal's secret lab in an attempt to destroy the villain's evilĀ ...

Air Date: Sep 27, 2020

Marvel's Spider-Man season 3 episode 6

Season 3, Episode 6: Maximum Venom

The Spider Team tracks down the missing Dr. Connors, who has undergone another transformation into the Lizard after learning from the Dark Goblin that the cure for the lizard serum he had been working for never existed. Just when that task is hard en...

Air Date: Oct 25, 2020

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