Mad Dogs (US) is a black comedy action series that is based on the British series of Cris Cole with the same title. The series centers with the reunion of four forty-something guys who head to Belize to visit their old school friend, when things take an unexpected and dark turn.

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Premiere Date: Jan/15/2015

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Most Recent Episodes

Mad Dogs (US) season 1 episode 9

Season 1, Episode 9: Seahorse

The guys begin the treacherous journey through the jungle, only to discover Jesus and their mission are not what they seem. Back in Belize City, tensions sizzle between Lawrence and Aaron, and a mysterious new figure (Ted Levine) arrives asking searc...

Air Date: Jan 22, 2016

Mad Dogs (US) season 1 episode 10

Season 1, Episode 10: Needles

In the season finale, Joel hurries to covertly complete Jesus' mission, while Gus and Cobi each deal with the authorities holding them accountable for their crimes. Lex goes into surgery and has an ethereal encounter, and all four boys make one ...

Air Date: Jan 22, 2016

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