Little Boy Blue focuses on the murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Croxteth, Liverpool, in 2007. It explores Melanie's and Steve's ordeal, and tells the story of how Rhys's murderer and associates were eventually brought to justice.

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Premiere Date: Apr/24/2017

Genre: Drama, Crime

Most Recent Episodes

Little Boy Blue season 1 episode 3

Season 1, Episode 3: Episode 3

When potential witness Claire Olssen is intimidated into changing her statement, the investigation team look for other ways to reinforce their case. As Steve returns to work, Kelly is offered a deal that tests his resolve....

Air Date: May 08, 2017

Little Boy Blue season 1 episode 4

Season 1, Episode 4: Episode 4

Summary for this episode is not yet available....

Air Date: May 15, 2017

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