Lab Rats: Elite Force is set in a bustling metropolis after the Mighty Med hospital is destroyed by a band of unknown super-villains. After Adam and Leo volunteer to oversee the students at Davenport's Bionic Academy, Kaz, Oliver and Skylar join forces with Chase and Bree to form a powerful elite force that combines bionic heroes and superheroes. Together, they vow to track down the villains and keep the world safe.

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Premiere Date: Mar/2/2016

Genre: Comedy, Action, Science-Fiction

Most Recent Episodes

Lab Rats: Elite Force season 1 episode 15

Season 1, Episode 15: They Grow Up So Fast

Tasha introduces baby Naomi to the team, and Bree learns what it takes to be a babysitter. Chase obsessively designs a device that reverses the aging process....

Air Date: Oct 15, 2016

Lab Rats: Elite Force season 1 episode 16

Season 1, Episode 16: The Attack

Roman & Riker's black swarm returns, so the Elite Force hops into action to protect Centium City. There's more than meets the eye with Chase's new girlfriend Reese....

Air Date: Oct 22, 2016

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