Kosher Soul is a documentary sitcom that follows the lives of Los Angeles stylist Miriam Sternoff, who is Jewish, and her fiancé, southern and African-American comedian O’Neal McKnight, they do. Divergent worlds will clash as Miriam and O’Neal’s friends and family prepare for the couple’s nuptials, including O’Neal’s conversion to Judaism and their future as husband and wife.

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Premiere Date: Feb/25/2015

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Dating

Most Recent Episodes

Kosher Soul season 1 episode 11

Season 1, Episode 11: The Red Party

O'Neal learns that he will have to get re-circumcised for Judaism earlier than he expected....

Air Date: Apr 03, 2015

Kosher Soul season 1 episode 12

Season 1, Episode 12: Judgment Day

O'Neal says goodbye to the past and makes plans for his future, leaving Miriam to think the worst....

Air Date: Apr 03, 2015

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