In a kingdom defeated by corruption and famine, a mysterious rumour of the king's death spreads as does a strange plague that renders the infected immune to death and hungry for flesh. The crown prince, fallen victim to a conspiracy, sets out on a journey to unveil the evil behind it all and save his people.

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Premiere Date: Jan/25/2019

Genre: Horror, Thriller, History

Most Recent Episodes

Kingdom season 2 episode 5

Season 2, Episode 5: Episode 5

To save innocent lives, Prince Chang and his men take over Hanyang. The queen determines that if she can't have the throne, no one can. ...

Air Date: Mar 13, 2020

Kingdom season 2 episode 6

Season 2, Episode 6: Episode 6

With the palace painted red with blood, Prince Chang is forced to pursue a risky strategy. Seo Bi takes the baby and hides....

Air Date: Mar 13, 2020

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