It's time, once again, to answer life's most savory question: whose cuisine reigns supreme? Iron Chef Showdown begins by pitting two of the most formidable chefs in the country against each other in The Chairman's Challenge, where they must create their best dish based upon a secret ingredient. Host Alton Brown serves as the sole judge to determine which chef will earn the right to face a legendary Iron Chef in the Secret Ingredient Showdown. Then, it's "Allez Cuisine!" as Japanese tradition comes back to life in Kitchen Stadium with Alton, The Chairman Mark Dacascos, floor reporter Jaymee Sire and a notable pantheon of culinary experts who sit in judgment over the epic battles.

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Premiere Date: Nov/8/2017

Genre: Food

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Iron Chef Showdown season 1 episode 9

Season 1, Episode 9: Battle Bar Food

Miami chef Timon Balloo battles Philadelphia chef Nicholas Elmi over a bar food staple. Then the winning chef goes up against Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli in a giant seafood battle....

Air Date: Jan 03, 2018

Iron Chef Showdown season 1 episode 10

Season 1, Episode 10: Battle Fruit and Fowl

Portland chef Gregory Gourdet takes on San Diego chef Brian Redzikowski over a challenging fruit. Then the winner readies for a fowl battle with Iron Chef Michael Symon....

Air Date: Jan 10, 2018

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