Home Economics looks at the relationship between three adult siblings: one in the 1 percent, one middle-class, and one barely holding on.

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Premiere Date: Apr/7/2021

Genre: Comedy

Most Recent Episodes

Home Economics season 2 episode 7

Season 2, Episode 7: Speeding Ticket, $180

Sofia brings out Tom's adventurous side which ignites Marina's jealous side. Meanwhile, Sarah and Denise learn that Shamiah has been confiding in Connor instead of them, leaving them no choice but to take action.  ....

Air Date: Nov 03, 2021

Home Economics season 2 episode 8

Season 2, Episode 8: Two Thousand Pounds of Sand, $240

Tom, Sarah and Connor are determined to prove that they can host a successful Thanksgiving dinner when they switch up their annual holiday tradition to gather at Connor's place. Denise has some sibling drama of her own when her sister joins the ...

Air Date: Nov 17, 2021

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