Welcome to the weekly half hour show that provides a comedic spin on the never-ending supply of everyday life hacks. Hosted by Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen, this series demonstrates how to incorporate eye popping shortcuts guaranteed to save today's busy adults a lot of time, effort and money. From learning how to open a bottle of wine with your shoe, to finding out the multiple uses for a toilet paper roll, there is never a shortage of hacks to discover. Viewers beware: your lives will never be the same after watching Hack My Life.

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Premiere Date: Jan/6/2015


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Hack My Life season 4 episode 9

Season 4, Episode 9: Hack to the Future

Lazy Cook Brooke hacks edible shot glasses for your next house party, and Kevin and Brooke find out if they can use the office coffee machine to hack their breakfast. Plus, go hack to the future to cope with some emotional hacks....

Air Date: Sep 04, 2018

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