For a remarkable period in the 1980s, sporting superstardom was embodied by a select group of well-dressed men in tight-fitting suits - utterly poised, chasing after multi-coloured balls on a green table. Snooker had landed on our screens and captivated an audience of millions.

In this series, snooker's golden age will be brought back to life by those at the very heart of the story - Jimmy White, Steve Davis, Dennis Taylor, Stephen Hendry, Ray Reardon, Barry Hearn and more - sporting heroes from working-class backgrounds who quickly became household names.

Mixing sporting prowess with unapologetic excess, this new generation of snooker players managed to take the game out from the dark corners of working men's clubs into the bright lights of a money-spinning, sporting soap-opera.

This is a story of a magical era; when an entire nation could be united by a fascination with snooker and where its leading players became unlikely superstars.

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Premiere Date: May/9/2021

Genre: Sports

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