Can human fear trigger paranormal activity? Some parapsychologists believe spirits feed off the energy of the living, and that fear is their food of choice. For the first time, a Pittsburgh-based paranormal team is applying that concept to solve some of the darkest hauntings around. ParaCORE offers its own members as "bait," dangling their fears and anxieties to trigger supernatural encounters.

In each episode, the team will visit a location in hopes of collecting evidence and helping the client overcome their haunting. Along with other techniques, the team uses bait to determine the underlying cause of the purported activity. If a spirit is identified, the team helps find a resolution—whether it means banishing it from the home, or helping the client and spirit co-exist. The use of human bait, which was founded by paranormal technician Bob Magill in 2010, is not the only unconventional method employed by the team. The team's cutting edge tech arsenal includes robotic investigators, tesla coils, specialized solo-expedition camera rigs, ion generators, mirror boxes, battery rings and sensor vests.

The team's mission is to find answers when no one else can. ParaCORE has a reputation for taking on only the most severe cases: Clients who call the team have already worked with paranormal teams, psychics, and in some cases clergy, but have failed to find a resolution. ParaCORE is always the last line of defense.

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Premiere Date: Sep/14/2013

Genre: Horror, Mystery

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