This series captures all the intrigue, jeopardy and rewards of the world's gem trade, every step of the way. In each episode, viewers will follow veteran gem dealer Ron LeBlanc, geologist Bernie Gaboury and jewelry maven Diane Robinson as they travel to remote regions of the world in search of gemstones they can turn into a small fortune. A stone purchased for $4,000 at the source can instantly jump to $50,000 when it has been flawlessly cut, and by the time it hits the market, can be skyrocket to a quarter of a million dollars. Or, if botched during the cutting, can become practically worthless.

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Premiere Date: Jun/03/2012

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Talent, Travel

Most Recent Episodes

Gem Hunt season 1 episode 12

Season 1, Episode 12: Double Blue Aquamarine - Mozambique

Ron LeBlanc and his team of Gem Hunters take on gem-rich, yet notorious Mozambique in search of the world's best aquamarine. The hunt will be dangerous, but the rewards will be beyond compare....

Air Date: Jan 14, 2014

Gem Hunt season 1 episode 13

Season 1, Episode 13: Amethyst and Emerald - Zambia

Ron LeBlanc and his team of Gem Hunters explore Zambia in search of the country's high quality emeralds and amethyst. Zambia is famous for its emeralds, and their color and clarity are perfect for the North American market. ...

Air Date: Jan 21, 2014

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