Fred and his team of matchmakers will be aiming cupid's arrow at E4 as they bring together a bunch of teens, who are all looking to delve into the sometimes-choppy waters of dating and love by going on their first, first dates.

This new six-part series will see the brand-spanking new First Dates restaurant in Manchester open its doors to teens aged 16-19, who'll experience the thrill of a real-life, face to face blind date.

While our teens may not be ready to settle down with their soulmate just yet, First Dates: Teens gives these young romantics the chance to put their phones in their pocket, escape from the pressures of social media and talk face-to-face with a potential match. They'll be able to put their flirting to the test, but most importantly, take a journey of self-discovery. Through their own experiences and viewpoints, the teens will explore who they are, who they want to be, and what it takes to make the perfect connection with another person.

Whilst dating can be terrifying at any age, Fred, Merlin, Cici, Grant alongside some new faces will be on hand to guide our teens through their journey step by step, helping to build their confidence and create a memorable first dating experience.

Of course, the health and safety of the teens, Fred and his team and the production crew remains a top priority. All dates have been conducted in compliance with strict COVID-19 filming protocols and the most up to date government guidelines.

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Premiere Date: Feb/22/2021

Genre: Romance

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