Evil Things reveals the horrifying stories of people who barely survived terrifying paranormal activity caused by possessed or cursed objects. Each twister mystery exposes the sinister secrets hiding within the most innocent items.

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Premiere Date: Jan/1/1970

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural

Most Recent Episodes

Evil Things season 1 episode 2

Season 1, Episode 2: The Room The Nanny

A young couple moves into their eerie new home to discover that something more than just old toys have been left behind; a terrified family's life seems to literally come apart after they hire a new nanny....

Air Date: Sep 22, 2017

Evil Things season 1 episode 3

Season 1, Episode 3: Evil Eye The Attic

A student inherits horrific visions after surviving a deadly tragedy; a secretive husband unleashes dangerous paranormal forces when he obsesses over the shocking footage found on the videotapes concealed in his attic....

Air Date: Sep 29, 2017

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