Everest Rescue journeys to the tops of the treacherous Everest Himalayan Mountains, highlighting the work of a rare breed of pilots who put their lives on the line to save those facing certain death. The series features exclusive access to a group of diverse helicopter pilots as they manage emergency calls during the 2016 climbing season as well as intimate interviews with them and their loved ones.

The thrilling series follows each pilot as he and his team venture on nail-biting missions to save stranded climbers as well as some men and women from the surrounding villages. These rescue missions are made even riskier because of the limited amount of time there is to complete them due to the high altitude. Among the pilots featured in Everest Rescue is veteran Jason Laing (New Zealand) and rookies Ryan Skorecki (America) and Lorenz Nufer (Switzerland). The adrenaline-filled, six-part series debuts on Sunday, January 8th at 9 pm ET on Discovery Channel.

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Premiere Date: Jan/8/2017

Genre: Drama, Adventure

Most Recent Episodes

Everest Rescue season 1 episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5: Life on the Line

Jason and Siddartha attempt a mission to prevent deaths along the treacherous Ice Fall, the most danger mile on Earth; Ryan battles violent wind to rescue a climber from base camp; Lorenz has just minutes to save a local man with a head injury....

Air Date: Feb 12, 2017

Everest Rescue season 1 episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6: Do or Die

Ryan struggles to locate a woman suffering from severe abdominal pains; Jason struggles to reach a collapsed climber in the Death Zone....

Air Date: Feb 02, 2017

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