Employable Me follows people with neuro diverse conditions such as autism and Tourette Syndrome as they search for meaningful employment.

This uplifting, warm and insightful series draws on experts to uncover people's hidden skills and to match job seekers to roles that can harness their strengths.

The series follows nine warm, funny and generously open participants as their job searches unfold. Each story is told from the characters own perspective and follows their determination. Neuro – psych testing by experts identifies their skills, reveals some astounding cognitive brilliance and helps deliver some truly surprising job outcomes.

We all deserve a role in society. That's what this show is about: striving to belong and play your part. The series looks beyond first impressions to reveal there's always more than meets the eye.

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Premiere Date: Apr/3/2018


Most Recent Episodes

Employable Me season 2 episode 3

Season 2, Episode 3: Episode 3

30-year-old Dubliner Kerie has been blind all her life. Two years ago, after struggling to find work in Ireland, she took the brave step of leaving her family home and moving to the UK on her own. After tirelessly searching for work, Kerie has been u...

Air Date: Dec 11, 2017

Employable Me season 2 episode 4

Season 2, Episode 4: Episode 4

Twenty-six year old Alan, pictured, has high functioning autism. Despite graduating from university two years ago with a psychology degree, he has struggled to find permanent work. Alan has a passion for politics, and is determined to use his skills ...

Air Date: Dec 18, 2017

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