From the way Spam helped defeat Hitler, to how sausage spread the Roman Empire, to how spices created the global economy, "EAT: The Story of Food" leaves no morsel of information on the plate. Each of the six one-hour episodes is centered on a different theme: food revolutionaries, meat, sugar, seafood, junk food and grains. Throughout the episodes this incredible group of food ambassadors share their personal stories and reflections on food, not just looking back at history but looking forward to the future and at the cultural impact of our food consumption. Author Simon Majumdar summarizes this in his interview when he notes, "There are very few occasions in any family's life in any culture that aren't marked by a meal; from a new baby to an Irish wake and all points in between."

"What makes food really personal is that it makes you think," adds chef Marcus Samuelsson. "What tribe are you? Who are you? Who are we as a family? Who are we as a community? And what does this specific dish mean to us? It connects us."

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Premiere Date: Nov/21/2014


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