Don't is a comedic physical game, which follows one family of four who must work together throughout five mental and physical challenges with only one rule: Don't. For example, "Don't Slip," "Don't Forget," "Don't Laugh," "Don't Say It," "Don't Scream" and a slew of "Don't" challenges you didn't even know existed.

In each episode, one family will have a set amount of time to succeed in each hilarious task and win a cash prize. When they fail a challenge, they don't earn money and one of them will be eliminated from the game. Family members can be eliminated until only one remains. The last standing relative must complete the rest of the challenges on their own to win money for the family. At the end of the final "Don't" challenge, the money they have been able to earn, if any, is theirs to keep.

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Premiere Date: Jun/11/2020


Most Recent Episodes

Don't season 1 episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6: Meet Your Heroes

An Army vet, her retired Army Special Operations husband, and his wacky baby sister and hydro mechanic cousin from Washington state attempt to conquer challenges, including Don't Miss, Don't Embarrass Yourself and Don't Beat Yourself U...

Air Date: Jul 30, 2020

Don't season 1 episode 7

Season 1, Episode 7: Try This At Home

Competitors try their hardest to win $100,000 by competing in a series of challenges, including Don't Get Clocked, Don't Budge, Don't Miss a Beat, Don't Use Fowl Language, and Don't Be Shocked....

Air Date: Aug 06, 2020

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