Disjointed is a workplace comedy starring Kathy Bates as a lifelong advocate for legalization who's finally living her dream as the owner of an L.A.–area cannabis dispensary. Joining her are three budtenders, her twenty-something son and a deeply troubled security guard. All of them are more or less constantly high.

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Premiere Date: Aug/25/2017

Genre: Comedy

Most Recent Episodes

Disjointed season 1 episode 19

Season 1, Episode 19: Dr. Dankerson's Revivifying Wellness Tincture

Carter's stand-up career gets off to a rocky start. Dank and Dabby pretend to "meet cute." Walter and Ruth have a difficult conversation....

Air Date: Jan 12, 2018

Disjointed season 1 episode 20

Season 1, Episode 20: Main Street, USA

Biowave's scheme takes Pete and Doug by surprise. Ruth searches for a way to help Walter. An unexpected visitor throws Jenny for a loop....

Air Date: Jan 12, 2018

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