Max Easton, a retired Secret Service operative and member of elite British/America team called The Section is coaxed back into the field to try to shut down an Iranian missile program. The situation is complicated by Max's estranged son, Harry, who has followed his father into the espionage world and as the series opens may have died in the line of duty.

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Premiere Date: Apr/5/2018

Genre: Drama, Espionage

Most Recent Episodes

Deep State season 2 episode 7

Season 2, Episode 7: Changes Upon Changes

On the trail of their breadcrumb, Harry, Leyla and Aïcha do some more digging. Leyla and Aïcha manage to get away, but Harry is arrested....

Air Date: Jun 20, 2019

Deep State season 2 episode 8

Season 2, Episode 8: A Dead Man's Machine

Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle come into place, and the connection between the arms trail and the deep state is laid bare....

Air Date: Jun 27, 2019

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