On the frontline with the bodycam squad as they face the challenges of policing in Staffordshire. Officers in Burton and Stoke on Trent never know what they will face as they battle to keep cities and towns safe.

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Premiere Date: Nov/4/2016


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Cops UK: Bodycam Squad season 5 episode 9

Season 5, Episode 9: Episode 9

Keith gets lost on the roads of Derbyshire looking for a wanted man. He spots a dodgy van driver who is on the road without insurance, and is forced to make a crucial decision....

Air Date: Jun 24, 2019

Cops UK: Bodycam Squad season 5 episode 10

Season 5, Episode 10: Episode 10

Dan and Anna are behind a driver refusing to stop after they spot him smashing into a parked car. When the driver brakes, the pair swiftly realise that car is about to ram them....

Air Date: Jul 01, 2019

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