Chimerica is a powerful and timely thriller about a photojournalist who tries to salvage his career when he's accused of doctoring one of his award-winning photographs.

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Premiere Date: Apr/17/2019

Genre: Thriller

Most Recent Episodes

Chimerica season 1 episode 3

Season 1, Episode 3: The Brace Position

On the eve of election, Lee finds help from an unlikely source as businessman Tang Wen Lei points him to secrets from Senator Dubecki's past. Tess visits Zhang Lin in Beijing to help search for Joy....

Air Date: May 01, 2019

Chimerica season 1 episode 4

Season 1, Episode 4: Neither East nor West

In the aftermath of the election, Lee's search for the Tank Man leads him to a shocking conclusion as Zhang Lin finally finds the courage to stand up to the Chinese authorities....

Air Date: May 08, 2019

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