With exclusive access to some of the most experienced High Court enforcement bailiffs and repossession teams in the country, this series is an eye-opening insight into cash-strapped Britain from the perspectives of debtors, creditors and debt collectors. It reveals what it means to be a creditor who cannot get back what they are owed, what it is like to be saddled with debt that you are simply unable to repay and what it takes to be the kind of person who can pay but refuses to do so.

Cameras capture the daily hassle of dealing with violent confrontations, tearful debtors, downright liars and genuine cases of hardship. Then there are the debtors, many of whom have some distressing tales to tell of how they got into the situation in the first place. No one wants their possessions confiscated, after all. The result is a unique insight into one of the biggest issues facing those who cannot afford to keep paying the bills.

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Premiere Date: Feb/24/2014


Most Recent Episodes

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away season 5 episode 39

Season 5, Episode 39: Episode 39

A Warwickshire debtor moves goods to a neighbouring house to stop the agents seizing them. A family on the south coast pretend they are not in, even when one of their cars is clamped....

Air Date: May 03, 2018

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away season 5 episode 40

Season 5, Episode 40: Episode 40

A debtor's mother gets involved and tempers start to fray when the agents chase over รบ2,000 owed for unpaid parking fines. A woman is refusing to pay fees to a veterinary practice after she claims her dog has been misdiagnosed....

Air Date: May 10, 2018

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