The story is set in 43 A.D. and charts the Roman invasion of what would become Great Britain. The determined, yet terrified, Roman Imperial Army returns to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia, a mysterious land ruled by wild warrior women and powerful druids who can channel the forces of the underworld.

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Premiere Date: Jan/18/2018

Genre: Drama, History

Most Recent Episodes

Britannia season 1 episode 9

Season 1, Episode 9: Episode 9

The end is near. Cait, defiant to the last, has been captured by Hella. But despite Aulus offering a sizable bounty and a pardon for her previous crimes against the Empire, she chooses not to turn Cait in to the Roman camp as agreed. Divis, left near...

Air Date: Jan 18, 2018

Britannia season 1 episode 10

Season 1, Episode 10: Episode 10

Summary for this episode is not yet available....

Air Date: Jan 18, 2018

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