Follow five couples as they decide to make a life-long commitment and get married in the face of staunch opposition from their family and friends.

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Premiere Date: Jan/30/2017


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Bride and Prejudice season 3 episode 17

Season 3, Episode 17: Episode 17

Dannii and Denton's wedding day has arrived, and while Denton couldn't be happier, Dannii is anxious not knowing if her mother and sister will be there to support her....

Air Date: Nov 11, 2019

Bride and Prejudice season 3 episode 18

Season 3, Episode 18: Episode 18

The night before her wedding, Tori meets with Mary-Ann, but the atmosphere between them is tense. Tori wants Mary-Ann at the wedding but only if her heart is in it....

Air Date: Nov 12, 2019

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