Big Brother is a long-running reality show on CBS where a group of contestants known as house guests enter a house in Los Angeles, without being able to leave, or have contact with the outside world, and be monitored by cameras 24/7 while they compete in challenges, form alliances, and vote each other out of the house in the hopes of winning the $500,000 grand prize.

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Premiere Date: Jul/05/2000

Genre: Family, Romance, Dating

Most Recent Episodes

Big Brother (US) season 23 episode 30

Season 23, Episode 30: Episode 30

BB Comics are back! Which houseguest hero will soar to capture the Golden Power of Veto? Will the power be used to save one of the nominees?...

Air Date: Sep 15, 2021

Big Brother (US) season 23 episode 31

Season 23, Episode 31: Episode 31

A special 2-hour show. Shocking news - The houseguests find out this will be another double eviction week, forcing the houseguests to play a week's worth of Big Brother in one night! Who will become the new HoH? Who will win Veto? And who will b...

Air Date: Sep 16, 2021

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