Barry’d Treasure follows the exploits of Barry Weiss, the eccentric collector America fell in love with on Storage Wars. Now retired from the storage auction game, each week he’ll embark on a cross-country journey unearthing some of the nation’s rarest and most fascinating collectibles. Riding shotgun in Barry’s enviable assortment of automobiles is his motley crew of sidekicks who aid his efforts to haggle with the toughest, and sometimes oddest, collectors in America. But Mr. Weiss has an insatiable thirst for misadventure and often strays from his intended treasure route. Whether it’s co-piloting a buggy in Amish country or taking a ride on a camel in Appalachia, ultimately for Barry, nothing’s more valuable than a good time.

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Premiere Date: Mar/18/2014

Genre: Buy, Sell & Trade, How To, Do It Yourself

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Barry’d Treasure season 1 episode 7

Season 1, Episode 7: The Unbearable Enlightenment of Barry

Barry visits Arizona. ...

Air Date: Apr 29, 2014

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Season 1, Episode 8: All About Evel

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