In the famous battle of the Teutoburg Forest, Germanic warriors in 9AD halted the spread of the Roman Empire in its advance north. This bloody encounter of two worlds is tragically interwoven with the destinies of three young people whose fate will lead them from innocence to guilt, from loyalty to betrayal, and from love to hate.

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Premiere Date: Oct/23/2020

Genre: Drama, Action, History

Most Recent Episodes

Barbaren season 1 episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5: Der Verrat

Ari and Thusnelda forge a political marriage and begin uniting the fractious Germanic tribes. Folkwin is believed dead but has actually been enslaved. ...

Air Date: Oct 23, 2020

Barbaren season 1 episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6: Die Schlacht

Ari leads Varus and three Roman legions into the Teutoburg Forest — and into history. Thusnelda makes a bloody sacrifice to preserve the alliance....

Air Date: Oct 23, 2020

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