In this six-part series, BBC Three has unprecedented access to Orangeburg-Wilkinson, a majority African-American High School in South Carolina.

It follows a charismatic principal and his students over the course of one school year and through their eyes we witness life-changing moments.

With the odds are often stacked against them we follow the class of 2016 over this, their make-or-break year.

We experience their highs and their lows as they prepare for life after high school. We meet Ivy League hopefuls, male cheerleaders and young mothers on a tough journey into adulthood. This is school as you've never seen it before and a unique insight into how it really feels to be young and black in America today.

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Premiere Date: Oct/18/2016


Most Recent Episodes

American High School season 1 episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5: All Hands On Deck

As the seniors prepare for their Vintage Hollywood-themed Prom, two members of the organising committee - Vernon and Breezy - are no longer on speaking terms.Student TJ anxiously awaits the results of his expulsion hearing, and makes a visit to his d...

Air Date: Nov 15, 2016

American High School season 1 episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6: Walk Across That Stage

It's the end of the school year, and Orangeburg-Wilkinson is still reeling from Dr Peters' news.With just a few weeks to go until graduation, a number of seniors – including Vernon - are still at risk of failing. Can he improve his grades...

Air Date: Nov 22, 2016

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