An intimate and frank look at modern Britain through the eyes of the emergency services on the front line.

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Premiere Date: Sep/10/2012

Genre: Medical

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999: What's Your Emergency? season 13 episode 3

Season 13, Episode 3: Episode 3

This episode reveals the realities of policing home drinking and house parties. A family gathering spills into the street and gets out of control. An ambulance crew are in danger at a party....

Air Date: Jun 22, 2021

999: What's Your Emergency? season 13 episode 4

Season 13, Episode 4: Episode 4

The South Yorkshire Police deal with complex cases of parents living in fear of their own children. In Sheffield, a mother asks for her 15-year-old to be taken into custody after he starts causing damage at their home, and for the second time in thre...

Air Date: Jun 29, 2021

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