5 Gold Rings sees two teams go head to head over five rounds. One team will be walking away with up to £25,000 whilst the other will leave with nothing. Who wins and who loses is decided in a unique way… using five gold rings.

The teams will have to battle it out against the clock to answer questions by placing gold rings onto a supersized image displayed beneath their feet on a huge circular LED floor. For example, the picture might be a map of the world and teams will attempt the question, ‘Where is the highest mountain on earth?' by placing a gold ring on the image where they think the answer is.

If the contestant correctly encircles the answer, they move onto the next round and more money but if they're wrong they lose that ring forever.

For the contestants, every pixel really does count as state of the art software, specially crafted for this game detects – down to the pixel - exactly where each ring is placed on the floor.

Each round will get decidedly more difficult as after every correct answer is given all of their remaining gold rings will decrease in size – making it even tougher to find and encircle the next correct answer. If they lose all five of their rings, it's game over.

Viewers will also get the chance to play along with the action by downloading the 5 Gold Rings App. They'll be able to answer the exact same questions as the contestants in the studio and also have the chance to see how their scores match up with other players across the country.

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Premiere Date: Mar/5/2017


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