Cameras film around the clock in some of Britain's busiest A&E departments.

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Premiere Date: May/11/2011

Genre: Medical

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24 Hours in AE season 24 episode 13

Season 24, Episode 13: Episode 13

Seventy-year-old Clive arrives after struggling to breathe at home, but his wife Linda has a difficult time keeping him in check as he likes to tell a joke or two. Angela, a 63-year-old former lollipop lady, has come to A&E with her sister Sue af...

Air Date: Aug 24, 2021

24 Hours in AE season 24 episode 15

Season 24, Episode 15: Episode 15

A collection of memorable stories from St George's Hospital, including a woman with MS who is brought in with suspected sepsis. As doctors work to regulate her temperature, her husband talks about their life together and how they supported each ...

Air Date: Sep 07, 2021

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