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WatchSeries1 was developed to provide tons of links to full episodes of TV Shows that you want to watch in full free any time you want it and anywhere you please. With the latest technology advancing to its new heights and limitations of the current situation of the world in reaching out to various great shows from different network, the site bridge the said gap that disallow viewers and TV fans a like from experiencing the viewing experiences they dream of. WatchSeries1 collects all your favorite TV shows, their episodes and related videos so that you can get them in one place.

The question now is how I do it and why I do it. It simple. I'm a fan too of different genre of shows, specially supernatural, horror, comedy, investigative to drama shows. I am getting trouble of finding them in one place so what I did is collect all of them in one place then open the site to contributors who wish to share their thoughts, links and other resources to the world. It is a collab of effort of people who wish to make entertainment much better in the cyberspace.

How to watch series online with ease and free of charge?

To watch an episode of the site, you just search for the name of the show using the search facility of the website. The site will provide a list of shows that matches the text that you typed in the box. Make sure that you correctly spelled the name of the show. You don't need to type the whole title of the TV Series to find it. A fragment of its full title can be used to find it. The site with its continous updating of its search algorith will do its best in providing you a result of TV series that matches your keyword. Under each results you can find its description and recent episodes aired on its regular programming schedule. WatchSeries1 can provide you the full list of available episodes of the chosen TV show by clicking its name and opening the full featured page of the TV series. Find your preferred episode and click it to view if a video link is availabe. Choose from a list of video hosting sites that can stream the episodes and that is it! You can watch the full episodes online for free the TV series that you want to replay again and again with ease and few clicks.

Telepisodes and WatchSeries1, what's the connection?

Telepisodes is one of the reason why we are here. It provides an avenue for everyone to make our dream of having online portal for TV series database come true. With the said site, users from all over the world can contribute their content with such ease and free of charge. If you are one of those who is interested to be part of this small community on the web and want to share your own link of contents, just register to and begin your life as as TV link sharer and / or provider. You can also contact the website through their email to make some recommendations in improving their TV content and fill up the missing shows that you found worth of adding in the featured shows of Telepisodes and other watch series websites out there. The source of our links is from the submitted sources of link sharers that contributes to the site regularly. The videos, and TV links that are featured in the site are not hosted in this site but instead hosted by 3rd party provider. We simply organize it in such a way that it will be easy for you guys to watch series online for free without the trouble of being lured by fake sites out there.

Watch TV Series Online for free full episodes without downloading

If you have limited bandwidth and unable to download a video of the full episode that you want to watch online, then it is a problem of the past already. With WatchSeries1 and other watchseries alternative websites like MyWatchSeries,, Telepisodes, and ProjectFreeTv, you can definitely watch for free the full episodes of all of the known TV shows today and the past. Just reach out those mouse with several clicks and picks, you can stream episodes for free without signing-up, spending money and time in downloading and watching. Make sure you are ready for the fun and excitement that each episode streams will bring in to your world. You can watch horror series here online for free and other genre of TV shows from drama, comedy, action, science fiction, documentary, talk shows, reality series and more. In case, you can not find the name of the series that you want to stream online, you can drop us a message and with the best effort we will try to look into it to make it available.


Now what are you waiting for, stop reading and start exploring WatchSeries1. View each seasons of your favorite shows and share this site to your friends and family. A tiny effort of sharing this site to people that are close to you will definitely change their viewing habit and definition of fun and watching TV series. Bookmark this website so that you will not forget this site. In case, this site is not accessible in your country or to the location of your loved one, try other alternative watchseries and project free tv sites mentioned in this website. In case you miss them, here are the alternative websites you can visit aside from,,,,, and!

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